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GCM Epidemic prevention starts from me

Author:昇蓝船舶 Time:2021-05-31 12:21:33 Traffic:

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Entering 2021,  GCM team has overcome the impact of the epidemic,strengthen the company's internal management, comply with the national epidemic prevention and control requirements,As provide for WANHAI LINES 、MSC 、MAERSK、BSM 、BULKER、CMA 、PACC、OPAL、NAVIOS、YANGMING and other vessels and crew of the shipping company are in urgent need of epidemic prevention supplies,such as: masks, disinfectant, protective clothing, etc.Timely supply to ship,Doing our best for the brothers and sisters of the crews, has won praise and recognition from shipping companies and other ship management companies, and also established a deep friendship, expressing that they will give GCM more order support in the future docking process. We also take this opportunity to Thank the shipping companies for their love, and wish our country's shipping industry a prosperous development, and wish them "returning with a rewarding  experience."

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