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GCM Zhoushan Branch

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As every knows,Zhoushan Islands area as China's largest base for ship repair,there are more than 100 shipyard,The market capacity is very large. Since our company entered 2021, GCM team has actively laid out the business of Zhoushan Branch and actively carried out deck machinery maintenance,equipment, spare parts supply and refurbished,automated spare parts supply, check and repair, our on-site engineers actively cooperate with superintendent,chief officer ,chief engineer,Gauging dimension,looking for samples,drawing sketches,provide ways to find solutions to problems,timely supply materials and maintenance spare parts as needed,responsible for helping with installation, translation, commissioning, and cooperated with the project schedule.It saves time for customers, improves the efficiency of ship repair and saves a lot of unnecessary costs,although the competition in the market is so fierce, the price competitions also fierce, we can not make profits, but all of our colleagues' professional dedication and good service attitude, hard work, a learning drive, and constantly accumulate knowledge, accumulate work experience, from the work to find fun.We believe that with the efforts of all colleagues and the support and encouragement from the shipping circle, our GCM Zhoushan branch will make more efforts,together @ the future!

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