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GCM Zhoushan Warehouse & work shop

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GCM舟山仓库及车间(图1)     GCM舟山仓库及车间(图2)     GCM舟山仓库及车间(图3)     GCM舟山仓库及车间(图4)

GCM舟山仓库及车间(图5)     GCM舟山仓库及车间(图6)     GCM舟山仓库及车间(图7)     GCM舟山仓库及车间(图8)

 GCM  Zhoushan Warehouse & work shop 

In order to improve the service capacity of GCM in Zhoushan area for each major shipyard,shipbuilding and repairing ships,our company and partners work together to invest 5600 square meters of conventional material warehouses and 2,600 cubic meters of Frozen warehouse in Zhoushan Dinghai area, already starting operation on August 1, 2021,and further improve Our company’s  material delivery speed,emergency materials, materials, spare parts, shortened logistics time, and further control of price and quality will provide GCM with a foothold in Zhoushan in the future and provide shipowners and ship management companies with simple ,fast and convenient, The transfer of spare parts, etc.  meets the CFS warehouse standards currently required by shipping companies, and further expands to become a major logistics material supplier in the region. Covering customs declaration, customs transit, customs clearance, spare parts, ship repair, material and food port distribution and other major trade points of one-stop service.

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