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PAC CANOPUS Cleaning of boiler

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GCM锅炉清洗(图1)     GCM锅炉清洗(图2)     GCM锅炉清洗(图8)    GCM锅炉清洗(图3)          

         Uncleaned condition of boiler                     Uncleaned condition of boiler            The special cleaning fluid is circulated                      Boiler door oil leak 

                                                                                                                                                        to clean the boiler    


GCM锅炉清洗(图5)     GCM锅炉清洗(图6)     GCM锅炉清洗(图6)     GCM锅炉清洗(图7)        

     Frist time finish the oil absorption                  Frist time cleaning the boiler                     The first cleaning is completed          Circulating pump  cleaning fluid inlet


GCM锅炉清洗(图9)     GCM锅炉清洗(图10)     GCM锅炉清洗(图12)     GCM锅炉清洗(图4)

       Connect the air condenser pipe                     Air condenser pipe cleaning                    Pipeline oil cleaning completed                   Flush the boiler a second time

GCM锅炉清洗(图13)     GCM锅炉清洗(图14)          

  The state of the boiler after cleaning          The state of the boiler after cleaning

PAC CANOPUS Cleaning the boiler

From July 5th to July 12th, 2021, our company was commissioned by the shipowner M/V PAC CANOPUS to clean the boiler. After overcoming hot weather, heavy rain and preparing various procedures according to the epidemic control requirements, Shen Laogui immediately organized the ship repair team’s into business, prepares the cleaning agent ratio formula, circulating pumps, high-pressure cleaners, boarding passes, safety training, and working overtime. After 7 days of working day and night, the boiler is cleaned . At the strong request of the chief engineer, he purchased material pipes, cleaned the pipes, steam pipes, and condensers again, and discharged the sewage results from the cleaning process to the ship’s sewage tank. This solved the problem that the oily water could not go ashore. The chief engineer and the captainpraised that GCM has the ability to respond to emergencies and good service attitudes in the repair process of the ship. The response is quick and the effect is obvious. It saves time and saves the shipowner some costs during the repair. This has ensured the smooth sailing of the ship, and we hope to deepen and strengthen cooperation with each other in the future.

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