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Nantong two ships supply at the same time

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Nantong two ships supply at the same time

From April 2, 2021 to April 30, 2021, our on-site service engineer, Tom Liang, led our on-site service team to serve the shipyard in Nantong. After doing all kinds of protective work of various for COVID-19, he boarded the ship and ran around in Ruitai and Sub shipyards every day, not afraid of hard,dirty and tired, service both two shipowners to solve Greek and India owner the sample of the problems in the process of repairing and many non-standard processing problem, according to the requirements of the shipowners, in a timely manner will be an emergency maintenance spare parts and materials supply on the boat, and in a timely manner to help customers will be badly in need of maintenance spare parts spare parts transit on the boat, fight the time for the customer, improve the efficiency of ship repairing and schedule,We have deepened our cooperation with each other, which reflects the service attitude and service quality of GCM team. The better effort is to make customers feel at ease and satisfied.

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