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Guidance water auxiliary ladder

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Guidance water auxiliary ladder(图1)     Guidance water auxiliary ladder(图2)     Guidance water auxiliary ladder(图3)

Guidance water auxiliary ladder(图4)     Guidance water auxiliary ladder(图5)

Guidance water auxiliary ladder

       From Feb 20 to 28,2021,GCM service engineer Robert Hu led our repair team in ZHOUSHAN Shipyard for Singapore Shipowner Company PACC for service and supply ship store,They everyday overtime to worked the just only used 10 days with positive and practical  ,helped the customer solve the maintenance and renovation of the boarding guidance water auxiliary ladder.

Acactively cooperated with surveyors, on-site maintenance and shipyard staff to coordinate material transportation, hoisting and load testing, and overcome many difficulties during the COVID-19.

In a very short period of time, in 24hours 762 km driving ring for to and from ,the timely supply of a pneumatic air motors, guarantee the smooth engineering completion, shortens the time of  repair time, ensure the owner in accordance with the original plan sailing on time, got and the confidence of the crew colleagues affirmation, GCM is a very responsible, a dedication of company.And he repeatedly stressed that he would let more colleagues and peers know the efforts of GCM after returning to China. GCM is a very good company.

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